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AutoLeadStar has quickly become a core component of our entire marketing strategy. We consider AutoLeadStar to be critical to the success of all of our stores.

Sean Western
Director of Marketing, Quirk Auto Dealers

SocialAi SocialAi

Hassle-free social media in seconds

SocialAi instantly generates high-quality content personalized just for your dealership.
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Compatible with every OEM and multi-OEM sites
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Fill your Facebook and Twitter feeds with high quality auto-generated content.

time-saving solution
Save Time

Easily schedule personalized posts with the click of a button to fill your page with all the latest buzz.

increase engagement
Improve Quality

Optimize your page by using our AI-powered algorithms to create engaging captions and schedule content at the most optimal times.

you are in control
Stay in Control

Enjoy the plug and play dashboard to choose your posts or let SocialAi do the work. Nothing is posted without your approval.


Top 7 Rookie Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

Ivonne Ponte

SocialAi for

Your Dealership

Shoshana DuBow

A Strong Social Presence
Receive endless options of personalized posts
Fuel your page with high-quality, unique content from SocialAi created specifically for your dealership:
You're in charge
Customize every post or let SocialAi do it for you
Choose a caption and image from the suggestions, or create your own. Publish immediately, schedule for later, or let SocialAi choose the optimal time.
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each post is customizable
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