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AutoLeadStar has quickly become a core component of our entire marketing strategy. We consider AutoLeadStar to be critical to the success of all of our stores.

Sean Western
Director of Marketing, Quirk Auto Dealers

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about SocialAi
How exactly does SocialAi work? keyboard_arrow_down

SocialAi's smart algorithms automatically generate personalized social content from your dealership website, OEM assets, web reviews, and more. You approve every social post before it gets published to your feeds.

How does SocialAi interact with my current social media strategy? keyboard_arrow_down

SocialAi is designed to work harmoniously with your existing social media strategy. While it generates a wide variety of posts, you can continue creating content to maintain your brand's voice and speak to your customers on a personal level.

Is SocialAi another dashboard that I need to manage? keyboard_arrow_down

Managing SocialAi is simple—all you need to do is approve social content from the auto-generated list of suggested posts. SocialAi recommends what to post and when—no difficult decisions or dashboards involved.

Can I stop or pause SocialAi? keyboard_arrow_down

SocialAi can be stopped, paused and reactivated at any time with a single click.

How do I make sure I'm posting enough content to my social feeds? keyboard_arrow_down

SocialAi can send text and email reminders when it's time to add more posts.

How many Facebook and Twitter posts are published per day through SocialAi? keyboard_arrow_down

SocialAi will decide how many posts to publish each day. On average, two posts will be published per social page per day, but the frequency can vary based on your specific dealership and social pages' levels of engagement. You can also choose to schedule posts yourself, and SocialAi will adjust accordingly.