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AutoLeadStar has quickly become a core component of our entire marketing strategy. We consider AutoLeadStar to be critical to the success of all of our stores.

Sean Western
Director of Marketing, Quirk Auto Dealers

Our Team

Since our founding, we've been making the world's best AI marketing technology accessible to every dealership. Our mission is to bring you the digital personalization tools you need — whether you have one rooftop, fifteen, or anything between and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our world-class team of stellar developers, award-winning designers, and top-notch client services department. That's why we so wholeheartedly stand by every product we make. We are here to ensure your success — and with headquarters in Jerusalem and Miami, and salespeople across the US, we are there for you wherever you are.

We think the world of artificial intelligence is absolutely exhilarating — and we're thrilled to partner with you for the ride.

Science Advisory Board

Our science advisory board is spearheaded by accomplished professor of computer science, Dr. Yonatan Aumann. Dr. Aumann and his team conduct research across many subjects in the field of the theory of computing, including parallel and distributed algorithms, cryptography, approximation algorithms, pattern matching, parametrized complexity and more. In addition, Aumann and his team consider applications of theory to more practical domains, including artificial intelligence, social choice and interaction, and computational biology.

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