Today's consumers do extensive online research before walking into a showroom. This means the digital experience should be personalized and engaging, just like a face-to-face conversation. AutoLeadStar helps maximize the automotive industry's expansion to digital by transforming dealership websites into digital showrooms. We use machine learning to customize the experience of the online shopper, helping to build credibility and trust. Our team of digital specialists, data scientists, and automotive experts uses intelligence and sophistication to drive the future of dealerships to success.


Aharon Horwitz CEO & co-Founder
Yishai Goldstein CTO & co-Founder
Eliav Moshe CPO & co-Founder

Chaya David Head of Client Services
Ido Elad Backend Lead Engineer
Ilana Zur Head of Business Development
Dvir Bach Head of Design

Science Advisory Board

Our science advisory board is spearheaded by accomplished professor of computer science, Dr. Yonatan Aumann. Dr. Aumann and his team conduct research across many subjects in the field of the theory of computing, including parallel and distributed algorithms, cryptography, approximation algorithms, pattern matching, parametrized complexity and more. In addition, Aumann and his team consider applications of theory to more practical domains, including artificial intelligence, social choice and interaction, and computational biology.


Our team is committed to bringing you intelligent, targeted, and personalized digital showrooms.

AutoLeadStar account managers work with dealerships on a daily basis to provide solutions for their biggest digital challenges. They also work closely with the design team to supercharge marketing campaigns.

Our content and inbound marketing team works to constantly bring new and valuable insight to the automotive industry, serving as a resource for dealerships and the industry at large.

To ensure our product is intelligent and personalized, our data scientists and software engineers are constantly building algorithms and machine learning infrastructures to help dealerships. They take the lead on producing an outstanding, sophisticated product.